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‘Two years ago, I was diagnosed with severe asthma and had daily symptoms that were unbearable. I was prescribed many medications in a trial and error fashion but my symptoms did not improve. When I initially heard of reflexology as a treatment modality, I must admit I was sceptical. However, my symptoms seemed to improve overnight and since then I have not only eliminated ALL the medications I was taking but have not had an asthma attack since. The proof is in the pudding!” Sam, USA

“When I first began seeing Kirsten for reflexology treatments I was under great stress from my job and just life in particular. I suffered from migraines and asthma. After a few months of treatment, I began to notice that my migraines dwindled and I was not using my inhaler for my asthma. I continued seeing Kirsten regularly for about a year and a half with great results. Her amazing touch and intuition, along with her great positive personality all add to a wonderful experience. Her reflexology treatments are good for both your 'soles' and your 'soul'. She inspired me to begin my own journey into reflexology and I have taken her in-depth reflexology course. Reflexology will give you the ability to sense your inner needs and begin the pathway to better health." Becki, Windsor, ON

“Kirsten is a fantastic reflexologist. She is truly gifted and committed to her practice. I have had several sessions with Kirsten and she helped me immensely. My finally passing the CFA exam is in part attributable to her! She is great and I would recommend her to anyone who wants an extraordinary reflexologist!” Sandra, CFA, JD New York City

“My experience with reflexology was fantastic. Kirsten has done a wonderful job with me, she is so sincere toward hers work and has a great spiritual aspect about her. Reflexology has not only helped my body mind and soul it has also made me feel better about myself and the challenges of life.” JG

“The reflexology treatments were very helpful in restoring my body to a healthful state after a battle with the devastating effects of MS. I felt my body was much stronger, unified and centered after the treatments. I personally recommend it for a calmer healthier body.” Gerry, Windsor, ON

“My kidneys, stomach and digestive track were having problems. I remember that every time I did a session of reflexology with Kirsten, the next day and sometimes even shortly after treatment, I felt a huge energy flood in my body. I slept like a baby in the following nights and I noticed that my body began functioning normally. I have no doubt that reflexology does help to prevent and imporve health problems that we experience each day. About two years ago I had a couple of rough weeks at work and at my soccer game, I was totally exhausted. I could hardly breathe and run. The next week was exactly the same. I had a reflexology appointment with Kirsten on the day before my next soccer game that week and I felt so different. I had so much energy that my team mates asked if I was taking some kind of stimulant drug or something. Now whenerver I feel overwhelmed, stressed and heavy, I go to Kirsten for a reflexology treatment... she's definitely my earthly saviour”. Attila, Windsor, ON

"For years I have pursued the treatment of reflexology for over all balance in my life. If you think about it your feet are what ground you to the earth - what better way to ground yourself all together. At Blok's Hands of Healing, you get more than just a reflexology treatment, you get to connect with your feelings and release all the negative toxins that have built up over time. Thanks Kristen for helping me find harmony and balance in my life through the art of reflexology." Bonnie

“While Kirsten performed reflexology on my feet, there was one area on the sole of my foot that was very tender when she massaged it. When asked about it, Kirsten stated that the particular area was my liver (reflex) and it seemed to be very sluggish and blocked and that she was not going to work on it any more because it clearly caused discomfort. The next week I went to my family doctor and asked her for a Cholesterol check, (both my parents have high cholesterol and are on medication). The results came back and I was immediately told I had to go on medication because it was very high. I changed my diet as I was not paying proper attention to what I was eating and I immediately made a commitment to exercise. Once the meds brought my readings down, I asked the doctor if I could go off them if I continued to be monitored and after a few ups and downs. Ater almost three years, I am still off the medication. Kirsten has made a huge difference in my life.” Janice, La Salle, ON

“For me, reflexology is my guilty pleasure. It’s a mini-retreat in this hectic world for the mind and body. Whenever I return home, my family comments how I am ‘glowing.’ My blood pressure, which tends to be high, is always in the normal range after a session as well. Kirsten surely has a gift.” Louise, Windsor, ON

“From my first reflexology treatment I was hooked. I always come away feeling more relaxed, and as a very poor sleeper, I always sleep so much better for a week or two after a treatment. If I was able, I would have reflexology every week or two because I feel so balanced and well afterward”. Deborah, Tecumseh, ON

“I have been going to Kirsten for about 3 years. I have had a100% turn around with her treatments on my neck and back. My husband has also joined me and has had great results also. Not only do you get a great treatment every time, you receive tender loving care from her.” Diana and Art

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